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Tommy's War

Search Engine Optimisation

Tommy’s War, a niche e-commerce website specialising in high-quality model figures for collectors, faced significant challenges in reaching its target audience through search engines.

Despite having great quality products, Tommy’s War struggled with low visibility on search engines, resulting in stagnant web traffic and underwhelming sales.

This case study explores how partnering with Dynamite SEO led to a substantial improvement in the site’s search engine performance and overall business growth.

The Challenge

Tommy’s War’s primary challenges included:

  • Low Organic Traffic: The website had limited organic traffic due to poor search engine rankings.
  • High Bounce Rate: Visitors often left the site quickly, indicating that they weren’t finding what they were looking for.
  • Inadequate On-Page SEO: The site lacked optimized meta titles, descriptions, and headings, which are crucial for search engine ranking.
  • Limited Backlinks: The site had few high-quality backlinks, reducing its domain authority and search visibility.
  • Non-Optimised Content: The content on the site wasn’t optimised for relevant keywords, impacting its ability to attract targeted traffic.

The Strategy

Dynamite SEO implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy focusing on technical SEO, on-page optimization, content creation, and link-building. The approach involved the following steps:

SEO Audit and Technical Optimization:

  • Conducted a thorough SEO audit to identify technical issues.
  • Improved site speed and mobile responsiveness.
  • Fixed broken links and improved the site’s URL structure.

On-Page SEO Enhancements:

  • Optimized meta titles, descriptions, and headings with relevant keywords.
  • Improved product descriptions to include detailed and keyword-rich content.
  • Enhanced internal linking to improve navigation and user experience.

Content Strategy:

  • Developed a content plan focusing on the interests and needs of the target audience.
  • Created high-quality blog posts and articles around relevant topics such as model figure history, collecting tips, and product reviews.
  • Added detailed and engaging content to product pages.

Link-Building Campaign:

  • Reached out to niche websites, blogs, and forums for guest posting opportunities.
  • Built relationships with influencers in the model figure community to gain backlinks from reputable sources.
  • Utilized social media to promote content and attract natural backlinks.

Local SEO:

  • Claimed and optimised Google My Business listing to enhance local search visibility.
  • Created local content and optimised for geo-targeted keywords.


Implementation & Results

Phase 1: Technical SEO and Site Audit

Dynamite SEO began with a comprehensive audit of the Tommy’s War website. The audit revealed several technical issues, including slow page load times, mobile responsiveness problems, and broken links. By addressing these issues, the site became more user-friendly and search engine friendly.

  • Site Speed: Improved page load times by optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, and minifying CSS and JavaScript files. This resulted in a 40% reduction in page load times.
  • Mobile Optimization: Enhanced the mobile responsiveness of the site, leading to a better user experience for mobile visitors.
  • Fixing Broken Links: Identified and fixed broken links, improving the site’s overall structure and user navigation.

Phase 2: On-Page Optimization

Next, the focus shifted to on-page SEO. Dynamite SEO meticulously optimized each page of the site.

  • Meta Titles and Descriptions: Updated meta titles and descriptions with targeted keywords such as “model figures,” “collectible figures,” and “WWI model figures.” This improved click-through rates (CTR) from search results.
  • Product Descriptions: Enhanced product descriptions with rich, keyword-optimized content. This not only helped with SEO but also provided valuable information to potential customers.
  • Headings and Internal Linking: Improved the use of headings (H1, H2, H3) and added internal links to enhance site structure and navigation.

Phase 3: Content Strategy

Dynamite SEO developed a robust content strategy to attract and engage the target audience.

  • Blog Posts: Regularly published blog posts on topics relevant to collectors, such as “The History of WWI Model Figures” and “Top 10 Tips for Collecting Model Figures.”
  • Product Reviews and Guides: Created in-depth product reviews and buying guides, helping potential customers make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Engaging Content: Added engaging content, such as videos and high-quality images, to product pages to increase user engagement and time on site.

Phase 4: Link-Building

Building high-quality backlinks was crucial for improving domain authority and search rankings.

  • Guest Posts and Collaborations: Secured guest posting opportunities on niche blogs and collaborated with influencers in the model figure community.
  • Social Media Promotion: Promoted content on social media platforms, attracting natural backlinks and increasing brand awareness.

Phase 5: Local SEO

Although Tommy’s War primarily operated online, optimizing for local SEO helped capture local collectors and hobbyists.

  • Google My Business: Claimed and optimized the Google My Business listing, ensuring accurate business information and garnering positive reviews.
  • Local Content: Created content targeting local keywords and participated in local events, further boosting local search visibility.

The Impact

The comprehensive SEO strategy implemented by Dynamite SEO had a significant impact on Tommy’s War’s search engine performance and overall business success. The key results included:

Increased Organic Traffic: Organic traffic increased by 120% within six months, resulting in more visitors and potential customers.

  • Higher Search Rankings: The site achieved top 10 rankings for targeted keywords such as “WWI model figures,” “collectible figures,” and “historical model figures.”
  • Improved Bounce Rate: The bounce rate decreased by 35%, indicating that visitors were finding relevant content and staying longer on the site.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: The time spent on site increased by 25%, showing higher user engagement and interest in the content.
  • Growth in Sales: Online sales saw a 45% increase, directly correlating with the rise in targeted traffic and improved user experience.


Through a tailored and multi-faceted SEO approach, Dynamite SEO transformed Tommy’s War from a relatively obscure e-commerce site into a prominent online destination for model figure collectors. The combination of technical improvements, on-page optimization, content strategy, and link-building led to significant growth in organic traffic, search rankings, and sales. Tommy’s War is now well-positioned to continue thriving in the competitive niche market of collectible model figures.

This case study underscores the importance of a comprehensive SEO strategy and demonstrates how partnering with an expert SEO agency like Dynamite SEO can lead to remarkable business growth and online success.